• All the world’s premier medical secrets are given to you personally, including lifestyle references, personal habits and personality profile typical of you.
  • In the Anti-aging Treatments Course you can change and affect the way you grow older in a documented way, and through laboratory tests and personal photos.
  • Come to The Clinic today and get acquainted with future medicine through professional guidance, care and close medical attention accompanied along your way by one of the most experienced doctors in the field in Israel and among the world’s most veterans.


Anti-aging Treatments – Science and Practice combines into an Amazing Success!

Dr. Udu Barr’s clinic is Israel’s oldest and most professional clinic that integrates advanced aesthetic medicine and nutritional supplements as an all-embracing care to all aging processes. Dr. Barr is a pioneer when it comes to anti-aging procedures that really work!

This current Treatment Course is suitable for all ages, for people who do not suffer from any chronic or acute diseases and who really want to learn all the secrets of anti-aging and preventive medicine – today!

What we are trying to do here, anyway? Slowing down the Aging Process

During anti-aging treatments, patients are exposed to all the groundbreaking discoveries in recent years, resulting in a dramatic change in understanding the aging process and reducing the personal risk of suffering from chronic diseases that may occur with increasing age. Dr. Barr was one of the first in Israel to warn of the dangers of lack of vitamins and minerals, magnesium deficiency for example.

Some distinctive features and common aging processes are, for example, reduced rate and speed of thought, damage in sharpness of vision, skin aging and depletion of the skeleton, a decline in physical strength, energy and alertness, progressive detriment in sexual function and libido, as well as reduction in the desire to initiate intimate relations, a decline in creativity and more…. These and other processes are due to age and other factors.  They appear as implicitly at the end of the age of thirty.

 Conditions such as oxidative stress in cells, nutritional deficiencies, lack of sleep, lack of healthy fats, stress etc.  have a concrete and noticeable effect on the aging process and these are just the ones we are trying to fix and slow down in The Clinic with Anti-aging Treatments.


In the Anti-aging Treatments, patients are being monitored, based on blood tests, with nutritional recommendations, nutritional supplements and unique training methods; these are combined with advanced medical preparations for external use. The blending of these components bring visible improvement, and one that is experienced by patients and their environment in a dramatic way – anti-aging personal care, scientific, applicable, and most importantly – “simply works”!

As part of the Anti-aging Treatments, regular use of medicinal products for the neck and facial skin care is necessary to complete the young and shapely facial structure. As a supplementary measure to attain the perfect – external use of medicinal products applied to the face, eyes, neck and cleavage bring results which match the skin texture to the new facial curves of the new and the renewed glow radiating from our faces.

Combining nutritional supplements

When it comes to anti-aging, it is crucial to integrate certain nutritional supplements, a critical issue in delaying future aging processes of the facial and body skin, improving the density and quality of the scalp’s hair, cognitive improvement and overall health promotion.

In some of my videos, you can see various explanations, including e.g. magnesium deficiency.

I am meticulous about combining nutritional supplements personalized individually to each patient. These proven Anti-aging Treatments are customized and rely on the most advanced knowledge and experience. Thus, a person with a problem of magnesium deficiency will need different emphases compared to a person with heart problems who needs to possess CoQ10 compared to a woman with deficiencies in B12 and zinc, for example.

Combining external preparations

As part of Anti-aging Treatments, the regular use of medicinal products in neck and facial skin care is necessary to complete a youthful and shapely facial structure.

Highlights on customized anti-aging treatment

Monitoring the nutritional menu is based on the personal taste and lifestyle of each patient, with changes and adjustments which reduce weight and thus reduce the risk of serious future diseases, together with optimal improvement of cognitive, physical and aesthetic function.

Over time, only nutritional supplements parallel to maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle will leave a “mark” on our face – or will reduce the damage caused by time and age. That’s why in The Clinic, together with aesthetic treatments, there is also a unique Anti-aging Treatment Course to delay the aging process.

Treatment that is based on instilling a healthy lifestyle easy to implement, along with a judicious use of dietary supplements, according to blood tests and a daily personalized nutritional menu.

In addition to the Anti-aging Treatments Course, two-way conversation plays an important role in motivating emotional processes; a therapeutic component that is essential for the patients’ response to lifestyle changes and to stoke the creative forces for maintaining a world full of as many creative pursuits as possible.

The Anti-aging Treatment Course is also suitable for couples and family members who are going through the process together.

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