In the Hair Removal department at Doctor Barr’s Advanced Medicine Clinic (DBAMC) we also utilize, during treatments in the shortest time possible, the most advanced and current  technology,  guaranteeing the maximum comfort and safety, thus achieving the removal of unsightly facial and body hair which is obviously very distressing to the patient.

The Technology

Regarding laser treatments for Hair Removal, we use the OPL Technology of the American Company “Palomar”, using the highly advanced and prestigious laser device “ICON”. Palomar treatment operates on the removal of hair via a light-based system, which permanently reduces the amount of unwanted hair on the face and body and does so with minimal risk and recovery time.

This advanced system sends specific wavelengths and uses large light beams while simultaneously cooling the skin with contact and soft pulse technology, thus making it suitable for all skin types and hair colors, including really fine hair.

This Hi-technology, which is available in only a few clinics in Israel, requires a lesser number of treatments and provides greater comfort which make the treatments easier and pleasant compared to more traditional treatments.

The Breakthrough – A Computerized Skin Diagnosis

This OPL technology for hair removal went through a dramatic and revolutionary change recently, thanks to a smart and unique skin diagnosis system – “SKINTEL” – that is in the new ICON device which is used in our Clinic.

For the first time known, this cutting-edge skin diagnosis system allows to accurately diagnose the percentage of skin pigment – Melanin, enabling the world’s first hair removal treatment to be  effective, efficient and in super high quality, in a relatively short time and without side effects such as burns or skin injury.

The optical capability of this advanced system is to detect the patient’s exact skin tone and, based on this criteria, create an accurate computerized intensity of treatment makes all the difference between burns and a long recovery from safe and easy treatment.

The Benefits of Advanced Therapy

▪ Safe and burn-free treatment with the SKINTEL diagnostic system.

▪ The most effective treatment using the PHOTON RECYCLING patent.

▪ An easier treatment experience thanks to the cooling system chilling the skin and allowing pain-free treatment.

▪ the extremely short treatment duration.

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