The first step in rejuvenating the overall facial appearance is based on the reunification of the skin tone and the removal of any sunspots or pigmentation marks, together with clearing the extended capillaries on the nose and cheeks.

Damage to the skin tone’s uniformity is one of the first signs of aging and may already occur as early in a person in their late twenties. This is particularly apparent among the light-skinned who frequently expose themselves to the sun and also in women taking birth control pills.

The Problem

Until recently, sunspots and pigmentation marks were a visible part of the persistent signs of aging to which there was no quick and positive solution held by modern medicine.

The Treatment

The revolution of laser and luminosity treatments for aesthetic purposes, which have taken place in recent years achieves in just a few short sessions the removal of any sunspots, age and pigmentation marks, in addition to the reddishness generated by the expansion of small blood vessels on the nose and cheeks.

Photorejuvenation is the popular name of the revolutionary I.P.L. technology, discovered and approved by a U.S. Company “Palomar, and removes within minutes all concentrations of melanin in the skin tissues and brings about a dramatic renewal of the facial skin and complete vanishing of all sunspots and pigmentation marks.

The Photorejuvenation Treatments performed in Doctor Barr’s Advanced Medicine Clinic (DBAMC) are neither painful or involve any rehabilitation process nor the need to refrain from physical activity.

They can be performed fearlessly on the skin of the face, neck and décolleté using the world’s most advanced technology. They allow for the first time to measure, by an optical scanner, the exact skin color and texture of the patient and determine the most favorable treatment intensity in a computerized and safe fashion – “SKINTEL”.

After the photo-rejuvenation treatment, the uniformly colored skin is fresh and radiant, and even the slightest typical redness on the sides of the nose and cheeks has disappeared.

Treatments take only several minutes after which the patient can return immediately to full activity.


Even though the first treatment instantly fades most sunspots and age marks usually three treatments are necessary in order to fully remove all spots, pigmentation marks and redness of the face and décolleté

After the treatments it is of vital importance to take personal precaution by non-exposure without a sun screen for at least two weeks.  In cases of pigmentation and sun spots it is usually advised to avoid additional unprotected exposure to the sun in order to prevent future recurrence of this phenomenon.

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