A six-session treatment course is made available to counteract this distressing condition.  It incorporates the practical and scientific knowledge acquired over the years.

Here at Doctor Barr’s Advanced Medicine Clinic this patented treatment is based on the existing ground breaking research diligently uncovered by Doctor Udi Barr and expanded with his personal discoveries set in motion as of 1997.

Doctor Barr dedicated his Doctoral Thesis at the School of Medicine in Tel Aviv University to Male Baldness.  He got involved after he discovered 5-alpha reductase inhibitor  from plants that was patented and published by him(please see Dr. Barr’s patent. This thesis dealt with male patent baldness treated with 5-alpha reductase inhibitor which developed later on to the drug ‘Propecia’.

As a component of the treatment a comprehensive and targeted effective solution is given specifically for a variety of chronic hair and scalp problems:

  • Hair loss in postmenopausal women
  • Hair loss pertaining to hormonal disorders in young women
  • Hair loss in women due to Seborrheic Dermatitis
  • Hair Loss in women due to nutritional deficiencies and/or emotional stress.

This inclusive treatment incorporates testing and deep assessment of the patient’s general health status.  Based on these findings and accurate diagnosis patients are adapted to healthy hair vitamins, specific nutritional supplements and/or pharmaceuticals, together with a referral to dietary habits and lifestyle.

This is an annual pathway spanning over six sessions and cannot be defined as merely advice about vitamins for unfortunate hair loss.  Along this pathway we constantly review the patient’s situation and the effectiveness of the treatment and judicious adjustments are made where necessary.

This comprehensive treatment includes thorough investigation of the causes leading to hair loss.  It is a unique and fully customized model from its beginning up to its successful finish which means the elimination of hair loss.

Treatment Course Details

The Hair Treatment Course starts with personal investigation and diagnosis of the reasons which cause hair loss in women by enquiring into individual hair care habits including a sometime uncontrolled intake of vitamins for hair and the use of different drugs.


This investigation is personalized and medically accurate and is the only way to regulate the optimal treatment plan in terms of vitamins and other ingredients for hair loss.

The investigation into hair loss in women is based also on blood tests in order to obtain the complete and accurate status regarding the reasons for hair loss in women.  These blood tests allow for a better alignment of vitamins for each patient’s hair.

Female hair loss is a different and complicated process compared to hair loss in men.  Hair vitamins are not beneficial if there is no need for them and sometimes these may actually cause negative side effects thus worsening hair loss in women.  It is imperative therefore not to consume vitamins for hair loss autonomously and without proper medical guidance.

Adjusting vitamins for hair loss is a long and complex process during which the vitamins are vigilantly selected.  We include other nutritional supplements in the treatment such as herbal extracts, minerals or fatty acids according to the diagnosis and need.

Hair loss in women can be caused by different factors of disease, deficiency of essential nutritional components such as vitamins for hair or complex proteins, diets deficient in hair vitamins, emotional stress and hormonal characteristics in women of all ages – including changes typical of menopause – elderly or young girls suffering from ovarian syndrome poly-cysts.

The Clinic’s Treatment Course is personalized, comprehensive and includes detailed instructions vis-à-vis the proper employ of hair vitamins, care products and hair care.  Hair vitamin recommendations are selected according to the results of blood tests, and there is reference to dietary recommendations, together with an orientation to the constant emotional stressors and medications that definitely can cause hair loss in women.

The treatment also has a dialogue element integral to the creation of a marked transformation in the physiological process of hair loss.

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