Why is This Happening to Me?

Baldness and thinning hair are very common problems experienced by Israeli men. The rate of hair loss and the age of the onset and appearance of thinning hair may change depending on the man’s inherited genetic predisposition.  Baldness strikes almost all men during the aging process – there are exceptions!

The Biological Mechanism

The typical mechanism and most common reason for the manifestation of baldness in men is the hormonal mechanism that contains within itself the Enzyme (5-alpha-reductase). This enzyme exists in the scalp skin that transform the testosterone hormone (produced in the testicles) – to its active derivative: DHT.   In genetically predisposed men, this DHT hormone causes ongoing destruction of the hair follicles at the peak of the scalp leading to loss of ability to grow terminal hair (terminal hair is thick).  Hence what remains is velos hair, thin, fuzzy and almost invisible to the eye – Baldness.

The Medical Breakthrough

Dr. Udi Barr, has dedicated his Doctoral Thesis at The School of Medicine in Tel Aviv University, to Male Baldness.   This talented doctor was and is one of the researchers who contributed to the development of “Propecia” (a  remedy used for the treatment of male pattern hair loss).  Already back in the nineties he was also the world’s first innovator to reveal the effectiveness of the plant “Saw Palmetto” which reduces  5-alpha-reductase inhibitor activity.  For the recognized discovery of Dr. Udi Barr click here (Acrobat file).

The principle treatment of hair loss in men is and has always been based on delaying the destructive action of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, thus reducing levels of the hormone DHT in the scalp. It is now known and medically recognized that it is generally possible to fully restore the physiological activity of the hair follicles progressively spanning a decade after the debut of the balding process.

Course of Treatment

In the Course of Baldness Treatment in Men which continues over several sessions, Dr. Barr Personally customizes the nutritional supplements and various herbal extracts that have been discovered in recent years to be the diverse delaying force of the hormone DHT –  according to the patient’s age and rate of hair loss.

The Treatment does not disrupt the levels of free testosterone in the blood and does not include the use of the “Propecia”.  As part of the treatment for hair loss in men, blood tests are also carefully carried out and monitored after every treatment to discover and diagnose any secondary causes for thinning hair.  Close-ups shots of the hair and scalp are being continuously tracked and recorded, thickening and filling of hair bays and reduction of the diameter of baldness scrutinized.

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