Wrinkle Removal Treatment

Wrinkle Removal Treatment – Advanced Techniques for Excellent Results


  • Wrinkles can be fully repaired only by filling them.
  • Wrinkle filling remains essential even after surgical facelifts.
  • Wrinkle filling ensures a fresh face appearance for a long time while maintaining healthy skin and natural elasticity.
  • Barr is one of the first pioneers in the wrinkle filling field in Israel and has the (the ‘DBAMC’) most profound knowledge and varied experience in this field since 1998.

About Wrinkle Removal Treatment

The art of treatment and the removal of wrinkles has become common in world aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, and I am pleased that more and more Israeli men and women are discovering the wonderful ability of treating wrinkles and keeping the skin young and fresh.

The dramatic development of wrinkle filling materials, that are completely safe and approved by the American FDA and other health officials, brought a real revolution in the ability of modern medicine to repair damage caused by age and defects of time, sun damage, smoking wrinkles, and continual damage to the skin caused by, for example:  drastic weight loss, poor nutrition and even serious diseases (scleroderma and others). This was only an imaginary scenario up until few years ago, in terms of existing wrinkle treatment.

Nowadays, concealing deep wrinkles, along with capabilities such as adding natural and implied volume to the cheeks and chin, lifting and designing a falling jaw line and repairing the damage from failed nose jobs and face lifts – they all became possible and easier.

Safest Materials for the Treatment of Wrinkles and Skin Aging Effects

In the Doctor Barr’s Advanced Medicine Clinic I make sure to use the safest materials for filling facial wrinkles that give the most lasting and natural looking results not only to the eye but also to the touch.

The wrinkle filling and removal materials which I use are all based on hyaluronic acid. These material are safe, natural and ensure very effective results.

By combining various types of facial wrinkles filling materials, designed to provide an optimal solution for all types of lines and wrinkles, it is now possible to safely restore the youthful and natural appearance of your face, neck, décolleté and palms.

Wrinkle removal treatments take a few minutes only and skillfully leave almost no sign whatsoever, and once are done the patients can apply makeup and keep their daily routine.

Regarding to the elimination of wrinkles, facial design and sculpture the aesthetic perception of the doctor is the major factor for success – especially for highlighting the curves of the cheekbones, the chin design and the overall facial structure.

When it comes to the wrinkle removal treatments in the DBAMC, the emphasis is on the “natural look”. That emphasis has been the corner stone of my work in the field since 1998.

Wrinkle Filling is Possible At Any Age

Wrinkle filling can be done at any age, through the Clinic’s unique integration methods, which uses hyaluronic acid injections of different types that enable treatment for all forms of existing wrinkles. This includes tiny lines among young people and deep wrinkles caused by weakness of the skin. These wrinkle filling treatments are short and simple, and gives natural results in all types of lighting, and thus became a secret that almost everyone now shares.

Concealing Dark Circles and Rings Around The Eyes

This short and popular treatment brings a clear fading of “dark circles” and natural outlines around the eyes, which give a tired and sick face expression. This phenomenon is caused by a gradual reduction in the thickness of the eye sockets’ thin skin and reflection of the blood vessels underneath.

The result of treating the wrinkles and the eye area appearance is restoration of the thickness and strength of the thin eye skin. Using hyaluronic acid and a unique patented injector there is complete accuracy and complete control in the injection process which resolves in a clarification of the eye area. The results obtained from one or two treatments are perfect and could not even be imagined only a few years ago.

The treatment saves the need for concealer and improves also the appearance in  young men and women with a genetic-hereditary characteristic of dark skin around the eyes. The outcomes remain for a long time and sometimes it is necessary to repeat the process only after 2-3 years.


Skin Smoothing for the Décolleté and Neck

Skin care for the neck or décolleté is sometimes needed as well. Young faces after wrinkle removal do not sit well with wrinkled neck skin or décolleté full of wrinkles.

As part of getting back the youthful look at any age, it is possible to rejuvenate the skin of the chest and neck by injections of hyaluronic acid and thus physiologically restore the hyaluronic acid lost with age.

The results of these treatments are spectacular and the skin returns to real life. The sheen, texture, and firmness created after the treatment of wrinkles are dramatic. The results of these treatments also remain for a long time.

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