Preparations for External Use

During treatment a series of preparations are personally attuned to suit each patient – these are without any chemical additives or perfumes – and were developed by Doctor Udi Barr.

These preparations are based entirely on a combination of a high concentration of active ingredients resulting rapidly in the correction of skin imperfections such as premature wrinkling, unsightly pigmentation spots, acne scarring and facial contour drooping.

Customizing these preparations necessitates a personal individualized process.  The intensity and amount of these materials are determined by the age of the patient and the severity of the problems and alleviate the need to use commercial cosmetics.

Skin Supplements

In this course also nutritional supplements with proven efficacity are fine-tuned for the skin type and age of the patient in order to inhibit the progress of the aging process and in a systematic way continue to repair signs of aging and sun damage to the skin.

The Results

In this course significant improvement in the skin’s appearance can be seen already only after a few days of continuous use.  Cosmetic consequences such as acne and dermatitis typically provoked from the use of commercial formulas completely fade away.  Furthermore, with continued treatment, dramatic results of skin renewal are achieved and bring about rejuvenation of the facial skin and its texture.

These non-abrasive preparations are suitable for every commercial cosmetic user.

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