Lips are the most erogenous organ in our face. While the eyes set a key role in visual communication, the mobile expressive muscles that we systematically use play an important role in interpersonal communication.  Our lips are the most palpable representation of our sensuality and sexuality the expression of our inner emotions outwardly engraved on our faces. So you can all understand the popularity of lip filler treatment in Israel and worldwide.

Fleshy and shiny lips, moist and red, portray immediate involvement, even if the person is unaware of this communicating a lush and healthy sexuality.   Alternatively, drooping pursed, pale and wrinkled lips have a detrimental effect, even if they are offset by large and beautiful eyes…

To design and attain luscious satin lips with soft volume is an intrinsically complex undertaking which demands skillful hands and eye, together with high accuracy and I, Dr. Oudi Barr in “The Clinic” for more than two decades, have performed this delicate treatment, but it is only recently through today’s scientific knowhow that lip augmentation can be carried out in a simple, perfect and truly safe manner.

Lip Augmentation – Background

In the 1940’s there were numerous attempts to add volume to the lips of movie actresses using paraffin oil – a lip increasing substance which caused severe complications that were medically known later as: “Paraffinoma”.

Later in the 50’s and 60’s there were further attempts of lip filling, including injecting silicone droplets to increase the lips, which is still used in Israel (the only country that allows this outdated treatment). Silicone Injections to the Lips creates stiff lips and can cause the most common complication of liquid silicone injection to the face – “Siliconoma”. This complication has no proper treatment so I, in my professional medical doctor’s role, strongly advise the avoidance of silicone injections completely.

At  the beginning of the new millennium, hyaluronic acid has become an applied  –  a leader in the field of wrinkle filling and the way to achieve dense lips,  since that era , diverse textures and appropriate consistencies  of hyaluronic acid were discovered.

Lip Augmentation – A Promising Innovation

Recently, a number of advanced filling materials based on hyaluronic acid were globally launched, and have been specifically developed for the treatment of the delicate and sensitive lip area. The variety of the leading Lip Fillers are all customarily applied  in my Clinic,  thus enabling me to harmonize the safe filling  material, adapted precisely to the desired shape of patient – to the desire of each person as an individual.  This, while maintaining a natural look and perfectly relaxed lips, and ensuring continuous improvement of the lips’ skin texture as well as retaining the moisture balance for many, many months; a remarkable result that once could only be imagined and desired.

Beyond the aesthetic results that are unprecedented in the field of pharmaceutical products of lip fillers, the effect is maintained for longer periods, making it possible to perform lips treatments within  larger intervals.


Method of treatment

Lip augmentation treatment only takes a few minutes, during which a fine needle is inserted and the correct filler substance most suitable is injected to obtain the desired result.  These relatively painless injections immediately restore softness and fullness to your lips for many months. Beyond the substantial volume after lip augmentation, the lips’ skin also changes in texture, your lips become moister, less wrinkled.


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