When performing Botox treatments, I combine my knowledge and my professional training as a certified Doctor with a real passion and a deep understanding of beauty and aesthetics. In my opinion, this combination is necessary to bring each patient the most optimal result.

As a physician dealing with the aesthetic medical field for many years, when I look at the aesthetic treatments today, the importance of choosing a doctor who is an expert in the field is crystal clear to me since, you the patient, entrusts the precious care of your face in the doctor’s hands.  As will be explained instantly, this matter is crucial when it comes to Botox Injections.

The Botox Revolution

Botox treatments became long ago the most popular aesthetic treatment in the world.   Short treatments conducted once every few months achieve great results.  During the Botox injection, a tiny amount of Botulinum toxin is inserted into tiny facial muscles, thereby allowing relaxation of deep expression lines and brings dramatic rejuvenation to the face and eyes.


By using professional Botox treatments, performed and customized to the internal structure and personal aesthetic style, aging  frown lines between the  eyebrows can be relaxed, the smile wrinkles that radiate from the corners of the eyes, and deeper wrinkles that  traverse the  forehead can, of course, also be treated  and are virtually pain free.

The degree of wrinkle removal in Botox injections, as well as the degree and angle of the eyebrows lift, is dynamic and I make sure to suit the injections to each patient and in total collaboration with them.


Jaw line – With advanced Botox treatments it’s easily possible to design and sculpture the jaw line and restore the outlines to the neck – This specialty is the “Nefertiti” treatment.  In this exclusive Botox treatment, a measured quantity of Botox is injected into the fan muscle – The Platysma muscle on the border of the jaw line – and thus achieves clear and sharp “lifting” of the face outline.


By injecting Botox to the chewing muscles on the sides of the face, aesthetical and natural narrowing of the lower part of the face is achieved – a look that refines the entire facial structure and is contrary to the natural process of facial appearance’s aging, during which the face become more square- shaped. This treatment is also performed on young people who wish to have a more oval and refined appearance.


By selective relaxation of the muscles in the neck, it is possible to completely smooth the “wicks” of the neck muscles, which can start to emerge from the age of 40 years and above, in order to restore a young and firm look to the neck.



By injecting Botox to a unique location, a method which I personally discovered and published in 2005, I create a relaxation of the tiny muscles in the cheeks that allows smoothness and attenuates the swelling on the sides of the nose, and thereby creates a relaxed facial look. This therapy adds a significant beauty characteristic to a calm peaceful face.  This is especially an extremely sort after popular choice that offers the most impressive results!

This “Special Botox” treatment also achieves the smoothing out of unsightly wrinkles on the sides of the nose and smile lines that appear on the nose itself, thus attaining a complete and most natural smoothness available in today’s world and this with minimal medical intervention.


The same substance is used within the framework of Botox treatments for relaxation of the expression lines and facial smile. When injected to the armpits, it brings about a complete cessation of embarrassing secretion by the sweat glands in the treated area for many months. This is due to the neutralization of the relevant muscles’ action.

These Botox treatments are highly recommended also for those who are sensitive to various deodorants, since they are saving the need for any kind of deodorant.  Most Antiperspirant preparations (to prevent sweating) are based on the aluminum salts constitute a common allergen, among other substances.

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