Acne treatment – The advanced and efficient route towards a clean and fresh glowing face.

As a leading physician and pioneer in Israel, who deals with aesthetic medicine since 1998, I always feel the necessity of professional development through continuous learning and monitoring of the newest cutting-edge beauty ideal, combined with advanced medical techniques and knowledge of the most innovative medical research.

In this context, acne treatment is without doubt a fundamental issue for those suffering from the effects of acne. I offer an incredible amount of experience and the proof of numerous successful acne treatments – fully customized and focused on what really works, including the possibilities of natural non-invasive treatment for acne.

Acne treatment is a bi-annual direction which consists of four main sessions, during which the patient is personally adjusted with pharmaceutical medications for external use, and also specialized nutritional supplements, as a component of a natural treatment for acne. Personalized acne treatments at the Clinic include specific blood tests, with particular emphasis on the patients hormonal profile and the use of medications.

With the acne treatments, you can witness a noticeable improvement within the first two weeks. The effect varies, of course, (according to the initial condition of the acne).

After the elimination of the unsightly pimples, during the acne treatment emphasis is placed on improving skin texture and the prevention of future scarring.

The phenomenon of acne may occur at any stage in our lives, starting from teenagers and on to adult acne.  In Doctor Barr’s Advanced Medicine Clinic we provide acne treatments for all sections of the population.  Acne itself can vary among different ages e.g. among girls’ acne is a phenomenon that may often occur due to hormonal irregularities, while older women suffer from a phenomenon known as cosmetic acne caused by the excessive use of cosmetics and make-up in which case we customize a natural treatment.

Therefore, our acne treatments are relevant for every age and gender range in which the phenomenon exists.

When not properly treated, acne can evolve into irreversible scarring and pitting of the skin and can also create severe unsightly color pigmentation.

Customized Acne Treatment

Our specialized acne treatment is based on the specific factors that led to the outbreak of the sores in the first place.  For example, when it comes to a girl suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) – a medical condition that affects many girls in Israel, causing menstrual irregularity, as well as an increase in male sex hormones which lead to loss of hair and acne.  The acne treatment will be combined: Exclusive pill and external treatment.

When it comes to adult acne, most of the time it is the external manifestation of extreme stress conditions such as work stress or family or relationship troubles. These causes of emotional stress which need to be identified combined with the excessive use of cosmetics and make-up which caused the acne can be treated by a natural non-invasive remedy.

When it comes to Cosmetic Acne there is also need to introduce and apply new care habits and avoid cosmetic products known as comedogenic (which creates sores).

The results of Acne Treatment

During and after the treatment for acne the lesions and the speed of recovery also depends on the cause of the initial appearance of the acne. In cases of acne caused by hormonal irregularities in young women, the relief is dramatic already after a few weeks of treatment.

Boys with severe acne often witness results only after several months of treatment at the Doctor Barr’s Advanced Medicine Clinic.

As for natural treatment with various medications for adults who suffers acne from excessive use of cosmetics or due to the emotional stress – once the incorrect grooming habits discontinue or the stress relieved, the wounds disappear and don’t often come back.

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