Aesthetic Medicine



“The Clinic’s” Aesthetic Medicine Course includes clinical therapy which neither involves surgical operations nor general anesthesia.
Natural results are achieved relative to all conditions.
The regeneration I, Dr. Oudi Barr, am committed to be reflected by the uncompromising aesthetic results that appear completely natural in all lighting conditions.
Aesthetic medicine is a remedy that deals with the art of repair and restoration, the diminishment of signs of aging and facial configuration, for every age or sex.
Aesthetic medicine has become the most developed medical field in recent years, and is proud of its scientific and technological revolutionary achievements. These realizations allow repairs of facial features and the concealing of disturbing signs of aging and sun damage – all carried out in a safe and completely natural way.
The Clinic’s treatments are brief, only a few minutes, and do not involve general anesthesia or a long recovery period.
The Clinic’s advanced treatments allow the delaying of and sometimes completely replace invasive surgical procedures involving hospitalization, which involve a high risk cost of complications coupled with results that may appear unnatural.
Aesthetic medicine treatments, for their safety and outstanding aesthetic results, are now used widely for emphasis and polishing of natural beauty to be adapted to the fashion industry, television screen or cinema in harmony with actual modern tastes.
Hence these treatments became and still are the norm among stage performers, media personalities, politicians and prominent public figures worldwide.
Take a glimpse at the column on your right to find the most appropriate treatment for your needs.
Aesthetic medicine involves simple and painless injections of various fillers:
Wrinkle filling – injections of brand new and safe fillers to the superficial and deep wrinkles achieves complete disappearance of them.

Filling and reshaping lips –realized with revolutionary new medically approved substances that give a substantial, sensual look to the lips.
Cheek design and face sculpture – design and reconstruction of the cheeks and chin after injuries, scarring or loss of subcutaneous fat associated with aging, bringing natural lifting and stretching of the face frame as well as improving the overall facial appearance. This enables infinite postponement of surgery and other invasive treatments.
Botox treatments – designed to relax the expression lines that appear between the eyebrows and give frowning angry look, horizontal forehead wrinkles creating an aging look, and the fan lines radiating from the sides eyes. With Botox treatments it is also possible to raise the arch of the eyebrows, increase the palpebral fissure, and smooth out drooping bulges and deep wrinkles on either side of the nose.

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