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Hello, I'm Dr. Udi Barr, I have been asked by the Site to write a short presentation about my work, so I thought, instead of just writing about my work, I’ll write a little about my personal vision on the future of medicine.

 I'll start off by telling you that I studied medicine at Tel Aviv University and I'm actually a conventional doctor by medical training but, during my medical studies back in the nineties, I felt that medicine hadn't even touched on and, unfortunately still does not enough, on issues important to our health, such as delayed aging, thorough and safe repair of distasteful aging marks on the face and body, supplements and medicinal herbs, and the relationship between body and mind.

However, I must admit that even now, in retrospect, I would not detract anything from the curriculum of medical schools in the country.

In fact, I fear that so much of recent years’ studies are missing in medical schools, until there is no escape from continuing to study (or maybe start studying...) and get acquainted with recent and more advanced research, but only after finishing the conventional medical studies in a Medical Faculty and then use these studies as a foundation.

A foundation on which we build and add the fruits of recent years’ research.

Sounds tedious? Well, for me it’s the whole world!!

The constant renovation of the medical profession is what makes it so fascinating.  Just after graduating medicine, I finally understood the philosophical argument that "medicine is actually Art." Just like an artist uses all the tools at his disposal and is involved with all his heart in his creative work, so, as the doctor has the responsibility to recognize and properly and expertly control all the mysteries of the "Healing Arts", as well as to continue to see the whole world in each patient.

We turn now to the point: Medicine in the next few years, and as I see it: it will be "integrative medicine"!

This does not mean that patients will throw away all the achievements of conventional medicine and will use only alternative medicine, which alone contained in its name, we learn about its nature.

On the other hand, we can no longer ignore the crisis of confidence created between conventional medicine and its patients.

As I mentioned earlier, the future as I see it is integrative.  Meaning, the patients gets to enjoy the best of both worlds. They obtain the right to receive the upmost attention from the doctor as well as  personal caring towards them and the whole body, mind and soul they represent. They get the right to receive from their doctor all current treatment options and future physicians will also have to recognize all the new ground-breaking and cutting-edge discoveries in the field.


It is inconceivable that doctors continue to dismiss healing methods defined today as "alternative" because of ignorance, or refer disparagingly to the natural desire to correct signs of aging and delay the processes of degeneration and aging, but our patients should also not receive any method of treatment without it being thoroughly tested in contemporary scientific standards.

Now that I've got your attention, you must be wondering, how do I implement all this? Well, I divide my time between lectures about new studies to senior physicians, writing books, articles and reports in the popular media about innovations and breakthroughs in aesthetic medicine, nutritional supplements and global anti-aging treatments.

Furthermore, in my practice, I try to give patients that which I preach with special emphasis on the relationship between body and mind, and perception of health and aesthetics that encompass all areas of life.

The Clinic

The clinic is located on a separate floor in a building in Tel Aviv.

The Clinic has a pleasant and homelike atmosphere. The staff and the aesthetic and medical treatments are carried out in a similar way.

The Clinic has a large amount of patients, partly consisting of the media and the art world in Israel, so discretion is a major policy of The Clinic.

Scheduling is predetermined and each patient has a separate treatment and diagnostic time. It is customary to give the appropriate treatment on the same day to the patient after I make the diagnostic.

The Clinic creates new faces with enhancement every day – meaning that younger face you once had and maybe still long for, with approved techniques constantly renewed.

The consequences to which I am committed are aesthetically perfect, not only in terms of age, but also on the scale of contemporary human beauty, through a combination of tools and the most advanced knowledge available today - which allow to repair not only the visible signs of aging, but also the hidden ones.

In my experience and from the experience of the leading physicians of all time, perfectly performed medicine qualifies in the ranks reserved for "The Arts", and the successful results can surprise even the greatest skeptics!

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